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Stay Tuned! New Content On The Way…

Our website is still developing in many areas. We have tons of new reports, submissions and evidence to share across this network… so please keep us close. Feel free to join our Discussion Forum to post comments, content, reports, etc. — and we also provide a Support Forum for questions and suggestions regarding the website. Enjoy!

Best UFO ETI Evidence

UFO ETI Files scours the web for the best case files and the latest evidence supporting extraterrestrial visitation, techonolgies and activities on Earth and in our Solar System.

Articles & Interviews

UFO ETI Files finds, researches and highlights some of the best articles and interviews on the subject — and will occasionally publish our own original pieces.

Sighting & Contact Reports

UFO ETI Files provides a free reporting service relay and open forum on the subject of unidentified phenomena in our atmosphere and oceans, extraterrestrial visitation and contact.

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