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Avatar, Register Button

How can we import an avatar - there are no links to do that?

Also, I noticed that when I tried to register, the register button at the bottom of the form didn't work at first try after putting my info in, but when I clicked into a different text box in the popup, the register button reloaded and worked. Thought you might just want to know.

J Lightfoot

We had the same issues... the new access portal solves it quite nicely mates! ~ 3Ti

Hello James,

Thank you for your feedback! Yes, the modal popup for registering had some quirks, so we've switched to a hybrid page for registering and logging in, which also addresses your first question. We've set up a front end way to add your profile image (Avatar), and it is now availble on the same page. Check it out and let us know if we've addressed this effectively.


[1]: http://ufoeti.com/register-login/

Keep Reaching!

*The UFO ETI Files Team*

YESSSS!! It all works perfectly now. Thank you so much #UFOETI! I will be posting and participating when I can. Amazing!!!

J Lightfoot

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