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About UFOs/Aliens
AIS UFO Network
Alien Connection Network
Alien Disclosure Group
Alien Seeker News
Angelia Joiner
Arcos Cielos Research
Bay Area UFO Expo
Bible UFO Connection
BLT Research
Cleveland Ufology Project
Crop Circle Answers
Earth Files
Exopolitics Great Britain
Filer’s Files
Fund for UFO Research
International UFO Congress
Intruders Foundation
Keyhoe Report
Meta Research
Ed Mitchell Apollo 14
Mutual UFO Network
MUFON – Colorado
MUFON – Kentucky
MUFON – Missouri
MUFON – Phoenix
The Anomalist
Archives for UFO Research
Barry Greenwood UFO Archive
Belgian Society for Space Phenomenon
The Black Vault
Canadian UFO Survey
Center for Physical Trace Research
The Computer UFO Network
Defense Intelligence Agency
Finnish UFO Research
Fortean Times
Fund for UFO Research
Groom Lake Desert Rat
Italian Center for UFO Studies
The Intruders Foundation
Mark Cashman: Temporal Doorway
National Aviation Reporting Center FAP
National Investigations Committee OAP
The Nine Planets
Norway’s Project Hessdalen
Norway’s Triangle Project
Project 1947
Conspiracy Journal
Earth Change Predictions
Chris Holly’s Endless Journey
Far Out Radio
Far Out Wellness
Inception Radio Network
Mindscape Magazine
Mystical Travel
New Dawn Magazine
No Fake News-Alternative news
Unexplained Mysteries
Paranormal World
Veritas Radio
Worldwide Topsites
Reports UFO
Sirius Movie
UFO Case Book
UFO Disclosed
UFO + Paranormal
World UFO Photos

Mystery Planet
National Archives (UK)
National Archives (US)
National Security Archive
National UFO Center
National UFO Conference
New Paradigm Institute
Open Minds Forum
Open Minds TV
Paola Harris
Paranormal Matrix
Presidential UFO
Robert Hastings
Sedona Media Company
Stanton Friedman
Stargate Chronicles
Strange Times USA
UFO Casebook
UFO Conference
UFO Digest
UFO Evidence
UFO Hastings
UFO Highway
UFO Matrix
UFO Store
UFO Updates
UFO Videos
UK UFO Sightings
Unknown Country
WikiLeaks and UFOS
Women in UFOlogy
Alien Insider
Alien Mystery
Alien UFO Research
Ancestry of Man
Anomalous Experiences
Atlantis Rising
Authentic UFOs
Birmingham UFO Group
Blue River UFO Blog
Contactee Support Guide
Collective Unconsciousness
Conspiracy Reality TV
Forteana Blog
Foster UFOs
Hill Wilson Star Map
Kate Valentine Show
Kentucky State MUFON
Latest UFO sightings
Meier UFO Contacts
Mysterious Milton Keynes
Nasa Intelligence
Nigel Kerner
The Night Sky
The Paranormal Effect
The Paracast
Reverse Spins
Stephenville Lights
Telescope Planet
UFO Comet
UFO News, Videos
The UFO Partisan
UFO Evolution
UFOnaut Radio
UFO Patrol
Ufo Sightings Video
UFO Theatre
UFO Triangle
Your Passport To Space
Project Blue Book under Fold3

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  1. Avatar
    Chris Holly's Endless Journey with the Unknown March 5, 2015 at 3:50 pm

    Articles written by Chris Holly about all the subjects of the paranormal told to her by those who have lived, encountered or had to face the extreme world of all things unexplained and unknown!

  2. Avatar
    John Foster May 5, 2016 at 8:30 pm

    Please put my website on your list and take a look…..Thanks…..John

  3. Avatar
    November 2, 2017 at 4:34 am

    Hello again,
    I don’t know if this is appropriate for your website, but I thought I would give it a try and see if you might like to publish it. An explanation is below.

    Included in John Foster Art are drawings of mysterious encounters that occurred throughout a period of 46+ years, shortly after my birth until I was about 49 years old. It is an astonishing story that affects all of humankind. It has been conveyed to the public through many means, including regional and national UFO conferences and one international UFO conference. It is further conveyed in some detail on http:johnfosterufos.com, as well as in the three books I’ve authored…also through interviews I’ve given via TV, radio, newspapers and a few minor magazines. While my drawings tell the story briefly, the verbiage explains the story in more detail, or you might say from another point of view.

    My deepest desire is to pass the word on to you, the average person on the street, so to speak. In my efforts to do this I have recently upgraded and completed a new article on my johnfosterufos.com website. It includes several drawings that give you a more realistic view of what actually happened and how it happened…from 1939 or 1940 through 1986-1987.

    For more detailed explanations look at the rest of the website or read the books I’ve authored. You can purchase them through the website and Kindle for as little as $2.99 each.

    It is a story that can explain many mysteries that presently lay in the bowls of our sciences and religions…ancient and modern history.

    Here is that article: https://johnfosterufos.com/2017/09/03/what-are-the-important-implications-of-john-fosters-so-called-ufo-encounters/

    Thanks a million….wishing all the very best……John Foster

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