In 2021, the US government passed legislation mandating an official investigation into UFOs. This provocative series unspools the history leading up to this momentous change and reports on recent developments. It explores what the government made public versus what was kept hidden; citizens’ push for transparency while confronting mass UFO sightings; Navy pilots’ reports of unexplainable technology; new cutting-edge scientific efforts; and what the future might hold for this confounding mystery which is the focus of a deepening and expanding search for answers.. SEASON 1 FULL EPISODES: Secret Pentagon Program: The truth behind the U.S. Government’s secret Pentagon program on UAPs, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, otherwise known as UFO’s, is exposed. Giant UFO in Texas: CBP seizes counterfeit medications, and HSI pursues a series of maritime smuggling cases. UFO Sightings at Nuclear Bases: The malfunction of U.S. nuclear missiles after a UFO encounter leaves the U.S. defenseless. Three former Air Force officers tell their story. Citizens Take Charge: Stories of near misses with UAPs in flight ignite a conversation about a serious threat in our skies not just in America, but around the world. Government Breaks Silence: Area 51, shrouded in secrecy for decades, is the focus of many UFO rumors.

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