Find space interesting but are put off by its complexities? Tired of mainstream sensationalism? Are you a space enthusiast that wants to watch concise and interesting space documentaries? This is the channel for you. Script based off a quote by Carl Sagan Our Solar System’s Planets: A series about each individual planet in our Solar System. Each episode will talk about all the planet’s characteristics and what makes each planet so unique. Playlist: Top 100 Hubble Images: The Hubble team have released a zip file containing the top 100 images Hubble has ever taken. Ever looked at the beautiful Hubble images but wondered what exactly you are looking at? This is the series for you. Each episode, I go through these images and explain what makes each one so interesting. Playlist: Space to Scale: Ever wondered about the distances between celestial objects? This eye-opening series reveals the vast distances between our planets, nearest star, and the length of our galaxy. Playlist: Spacecraft: Want to know more about the spacecraft that give us most of our information about space? This series takes a look at the incredible job space agencies are doing. Playlist: Top 10 Series with Guest Star Narrators: A top 10 series of various subjects, but always narrated by someone Astrum is doing a collaboration with. Most recent guest narrator is the YouTube space legend – Scott Manley. Playlist: And many more series! SUBSCRIBE for more videos about our other planets. Subscribe! Facebook! Twitter! Donate! Music: Borrtex – Snowflake

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