This is not a new phenomenon, there are records and descriptions of these types of objects flying in our skies from thousands of years ago. From our egoistic point of view, it might seem that we are the only ones capable of evolving up to this point, but there are many things at play, and there’s no interest on behalf of the elite for this information to become public knowledge because it will suggest the obsolesce of our current economic system which is a disguise for the modern slavery. Correction at 5:58 The estimated Diameter of the Milky Way galaxy is 105,700 lightyears its radius is about 52,000 lightyears. UFO [Unidentified flying object] UAP [Unidentified Aerial Phenomena] It’s been happening even before humans were here, here’s one of the earliest detailed records What about Bob Lazar? it is my own opinion that he is telling the truth, in the documentary he was raided by the FBI, giving his story more strength, otherwise what else would the FBI be looking for? Not only that but many of the things Bob has been telling have been found to be true over time, his story has never changed in over 30 years. New YouTube Channel The animations in this video were done with After Effects and Blender. Some stock footage from free stock footage like and some 3D models from Music from The sound design was made in Reaper. The video was edited in Premiere pro.

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