Whitley Strieber, renowned author of “Communion,” presented A NEW WORLD IF WE CAN TAKE IT at the 2016 Ozark Mountain UFO Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. For DVDs visit Ozark Mountain Publishing.

When Phillip Corso asked a visitor what was on offer for us, the answer was “a new world if we can take it.” Meaning, if we can take it for ourselves, and if we can bear it. But how will we go about taking it? What is there to take, and how do we do that? And if we do achieve this, how will our world and our lives change?

Our visitors are real. They are very different, though, from what is commonly supposed. In fact, they represent not only the unknown from outside of our world, but also the unknown from within us. This reality is far larger, more comprehensive and richer than we have so far dared to imagine. But can we take it? Whitley outlines exactly what is on offer, and what we need to do to find our true destiny.

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